The Challenges faced by EVs

Electric Vehicles are rising in numbers, great! But what about its charging infrastructure? 
It is in need of its own revolution. Let the International Energy Agency convince you:

“Policy makers will also need to set appropriate signals for charging infrastructure and grid service businesses to enable viable business models to emerge and to facilitate smooth EV integration into power grid operations."
"Recommended actions", Tracking Transport report IEA, June 2020
Here are quick descriptions of the challenges:
Charging anxiety
EV users have limited freedom of movement due to small amount of charging points in areas not covered by electric grids.
In turn, this leads to a large amount of the population who is unwilling to make the switch to EVs.

National power grids are still largely dominated by fossil fuel sources
Current charging solutions depend on national electric grids which still mainly rely on fossil fuels.
Source: IEA
The future increase in energy demand
IEA estimates that 14% of vehicles worldwide will be electric by 2030. National electric grids will experience complications from this increased load.
Source: IEA
The call to act now
Many governments are now pushing for an EV-only world. But they need to improve the infrastructure to do so.